What’s Happening

what's happeningThe success of “Let’s Talk Nation” is largely determined by the response received from our listeners, but more importantly, is the show being effective in getting RESULTS. So, it will be critically important that the listening audience is empowered and takes personal responsibility to make a difference in their community at the local and state level.

The interest of communities is paramount to the success of this show; thus, it is vital that the issues that are of concern to every individual are made known in a respectful manner and that there is a consensus that we can agree to disagree respectfully.

Audience members are encouraged to provide vital information about their community. The good, the bad, and any ugly as a means to address the issues collectively.

“Let’s Talk Nation” is interested in promoting the efforts of individuals, groups or businesses that area making a substantive positive difference with fact based evidence to back up assertions of positively impacting the lives of people.

“Let’s Talk Nation” promises to offer a variety of content reaching the core needs of the communities is the goal. The show would serve as a platform for both social and economic development of communities, and therefore requires the participation of elected officials and community and faith leaders as well as anyone interested in the progress and development of communities across the board.